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Client Services and Annual Fees

M&A Counselors and Fiduciaries, LLC serves as individual trustee on many types of personal trusts and offers the same individualized trust services for each type of trust. Because the duties of M&A as trustee are specified in each trust agreement, our services will vary depending upon the trust.

As trustee we provide the trust administrative and record-keeping functions required. We maintain a computerized record of each account, provide reports as specified in the trust agreement, prepare and file any required tax returns, and prepare a quarterly investment performance analysis. M&A attorneys are also available to provide personal tax and estate planning advice and to help assess the performance of the chosen investment advisor in relation to major indices.

Since M&A does not manage trust assets, it delegates the investment decision making authority in the personal trust area. In those trusts in which the client does not wish to retain investment authority, a Registered Investment Advisor must be appointed.

Every client who establishes a personal trust through M&A chooses the appropriate investment management program for the assets held in trust.

We have categorized our trust services into four types of Trusts:

Managed Trusts
    Self-Directed Trusts
         Life Insurance Trusts
            Special Trusts

Managed Trusts are characterized by the provision of a Registered Investment Advisor with investment discretion who is engaged by M&A, as trustee.

The Registered Investment Advisor will counsel M&A on the proper asset allocation to achieve a diversified portfolio of individual securities to meet your trust objectives. The trustee will monitor the performance of the Registered Investment Advisor on a regular basis, and, when appropriate, revise the selection of the Registered Investment Advisor.

Self-Directed Trusts are designed for those clients establishing a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust who prefer to actively manage their own account assets (self-direction must be permitted in your trust agreement).

M&A will serve as co-trustee with the clients. With the Self-Directed Trust, you retain investment discretion, and you work with your Financial Consultant to construct your own investment strategy based on your objectives for the trust assets.

M&A will administer this trust according to the terms established in the trust agreement and counsel the clients in their undertaking of investment discretion.

A description of the fee schedule for both the Managed Trust and the Self-Directed Trust is as follows:

Fee Schedule

First    $    350,000 of value  $2,800.00
Next   $    150,000 of value        0.70%
Next   $ 2,000,000 of value        0.65%
Next   $ 5,000,000 of value        0.60%
Next   $ 5,000,000 of value        0.55%
Next   $ 5,000,000 of value        0.50%
Next   $ 5,000,000 of value        0.45%
Over   $25,000,000 of value       0.40%

Minimum Assets:               $ 100,000
Minimum Fees:                  $     2,800
CRT Fee: (additional, if applicable) $        500

Life Insurance Trusts are those in which M&A serves as trustee and manages the insurance policies held by the trust as its primary asset. Once insurance proceeds have been paid to a Life Insurance Trust, the proceeds will be managed and invested in accordance with your trust's objectives pursuant to the Managed Trust Program.

Fee Schedule
Annual Fee:      $500 (includes 1 policy)

Plus                  $100/policy after 1st policy

Special Trusts are those in which M&A provides many specialized, individualized trust services to both individual and corporate clients. Our special trust services includes serving as trustee, custodian, indenture trustee, paying agent, escrow agent, transfer agent, liquidating agent and registrar. In addition we serve as trustee for Charitable Remainder Trusts utilizing either the Managed Trust or the Self-Directed Trust approach.

Fee Schedule
First            $1,000,000       0.30%
Next           $2,000,000       0.20%
Over           $3,000,000       0.10%

Minimum Assets:                $100,000
Minimum Fees:                   $    2,500
CRT Fee: (additional, if applicable)  $        500

Additional Information

Additional Fees may be assessed for holding unique assets, or if special or unusual services are to be performed. Such services may include executional duties occasioned by the deaths of the grantor/beneficiaries.

In the case of distribution in whole or in part, M&A reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee if significant services are required. There are no current fees charged when you name M&A as successor trustee to serve at some time in the future. Fees will be charged only at such time as M&A serves as trustee.