Execution Documents:

Revocable Living Trust:
Avoids Living Probate, Death Probate and reduces or eliminates federal estate taxes

Pour Over Will:
Transfers any assets outside the Trust into the Trust and provides a guardian for your minor children

Durable Power of Attorney:
Authorizes someone to manage your property and affairs if you become incapacitated

Health Care Proxy / Living Will:
Authorizes a person of your choosing to make Health Care decisions if you become incapacitated.

Nominee Realty Trust:
Transfers real estate from your name to trust name, which eliminates probate

Binder Documents:

An overview of your Estate Plan

Key Information:
Information that you should find helpful in administering your Estate Plan

Funding Instructions:
General instrucions about transferring assets owned by you into your respective Trusts

Abstract of Living Trust:
Summary copy of selected portions of your Living Trust

Transfer Documents:
Documents necessary to transfer real property to your Trusts

Schedule of Trust Assests:
A place to lest all property which you intend to have included in your Trusts

Minutes of Trust:
A helpful way to direct your successor trustees in the distribution of specific Trust assets

Memorial Instructions:
Your wishes with regard to your burial and memorial service arrangements

Anatomical Gift Declaration:
Authorizes organ donations

Life Insurance:
A summary of your life insurance policies

Location List:
Where all important documents are located and who to notify in case of death or incapacity

Personal Effects:
Your directions to your trustees on the disposition of select personal effects